Carrie believes our community can achieve great things together when we love people through service and action. Her views on issues are shaped by her values and beliefs, as well as her perspective as a parent, small business owner, and member of our community.

As a parent, Carrie wants the best for her children and yours – safe, nurturing schools; highly qualified teachers; and equal opportunities for every child.
As a small business owner, Carrie wants graduates who are prepared for the workforce with strong values, critical thinking skills, and a drive to work hard. She wants high quality, good paying jobs for everybody.

As a community member, Carrie wants safe neighborhoods and healthy families free from drug addiction, domestic and sexual violence, and with access to quality and affordable physical and mental health care.

Carrie’s commitment to loving people is also what motivates her belief in the dignity and equal value of every human life.

Protecting the Victims of Sexual Violence

Victims shouldn’t be afraid to report sexual violence against them, ever. This bipartisan legislation makes it safe for the victims of violence to report their attackers.

HB 913 Higher educational institutions; sexual violence policies, immunity from disciplinary action.


Making Education Better and More Affordable

Education is a legacy we leave our children. Carrie has been working to improve that legacy for years in Chesterfield, and she’s carried on that work in Richmond. This year she sponsored legislation to reduce the number Standards of Learning tests for our students, and a tax deduction to make it easier for families to save for college using Virginia’s 529 Program.

HB 926 Income tax, state; credit for employer contributions to Virginia College Savings Plan accounts.

HB 931 Public schools; reduces number of Standards of Learning assessments, report.

Enabling the Careers of Military Spouses

Following a spouse to Ft. Lee or Oceana shouldn’t be the end of a professional career. Carrie was proud to fight for legislation that will make it easier for military spouses to get their out-of-state professional credential recognized by the Commonwealth quickly and easily.

HB 967 Military service members and veterans; expediting issuance of credentials to spouses, application.

HB 930 Military service members and veterans; expediting the issuance of credentials to spouses.


Helping Individuals with Disabilities

Having a disability shouldn’t limit your job opportunities.  Carrie pushed to help individuals with disabilities to earn higher wages and still receive support services.  Her legislation reduced risks for individuals with disabilities who want to try more rigorous, higher paying jobs and eventually reduce the current waiting list for Home and Community Based waiver programs.

HB 925 DMAS; Steps to facilitate transition between two programs.

Building a Place of Recovery for Addicted Students

Addiction is an illness, not a moral failing. But it is an illness that can derail a young life permanently if not treated. Carrie was proud to fight for and win the funding for a recovery high school, the first of its kind in Virginia, where young people can heal and learn at the same time. 

 HB 928 Chesterfield County School Board; recovery high school to be established.